Open Letter: Bi Women of Color, History of Misogyny, and our Bi Sisterhood.

Dear BIWOC Followers and Fans,

Thank you for following our tumblr page this past calendar year! We greatly appreciate your empathetic support especially towards honoring the voices of bi women of color, celebrating our rich cultures, denouncing violence against bi trans and cis women of color, speaking up to end colorism, and giving emotional and social isolation to one another in our community!

Bi women color spaces especially honor and respect: Black/African Lives, Native/Indigenous Lives, Asian Lives, and Latina/Hispanic Lives. We honor and respect each other’s religions, faiths, and belief systems, as long they do not promote harm. We honor and respect our native tongues. We take our stories seriously – mental health, physical and invisible disabilities, and financial burdens. Everytime you say “that’s wrong” when someone hurts us, you speak up against sexual, physical, and emotional violence; full article here