BiTalks Topic #14: Body Image & Bisexuality

This week’s topic will be Body Image & Bisexuality. Body image is most simply explained as the way that you view your body. Many times, one’s body image is influenced by opinions other people express about one’s body. Insecurities and other self-doubt can be imposed on any body type. It seems as though many people feel that they can criticize others’ bodies without permission. This can lead to bullying, stigmas, and ultimately just bad experiences. Fortunately, there are communities that are becoming relevant online and in person to combat this bullying and to promote body positivity for all sizes. Within the bi community, there can be stereotypes about certain people and how they should look. There can also be a sense of self care within our community that allows people to be who they are without question. read full article here

The Bi Women Support Network

The Bi Women Support Network is a safe, supportive space for multi-gender attracted women and nonbinary people who are victims and survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence. It’s a place where we can come together to grieve and heal together. So often bi women survivors feel isolated, but we are not alone. We have each other. Quite honestly, this community is filled with some of the strongest and most loving people I have ever met, and I’m so happy that this space is finally here for us read article here.