We want you!

We are once again looking for submissions for the following catagories:

Bisexual Agenda – this includes everything from personal stories to news and politics. Basically anything relevant to being a bisexual person.
Health – we have the worst health, especially mental health, out of all minority sexual groups. Articles on health and well being, again including personal stories, are welcome, though as we are not doctor’s we do not give medical advice.
Food – Almost everyone likes food. Many of us also have health issues, suffer from poverty, or just have no idea how to cook. While any how to cooking article is welcome we are especially looking for ones to do with cooking on a budget, cooking for food allergies and health issues or any combination of.
Media – do you have opinions on bisexual representation in media? Do you have opinions on bisexual subtext in anything from comics to tv shows? What do you think about the fandoms campaign for bi Steve Rogers?
Self Care – This really is a section all about suggestions and guides for self care. The poverty, violence and poor health suffered by our community make encouraging and enabling self care a priority, so we’re looking for guides and suggestions for different ways of engaging in self care.
Arts, Crafts and DIY – are you a bisexual artist or know of one? We’d like to see and showcase your work. Maybe you crochet, or make little clay ornaments or know how to fix the plumbing under your sink. We want you to share this knowledge with us, and submit how to guides. We’re also including fashion and make up in this section, so if you’ve got ideas for bisexual eye make up tutorials submit them here.

For obvious reasons we only accept submissions from bisexuals or biromantics. We can’t afford to pay contributors so you’d be doing it to get your work out there and contribute to our community. We’d especially like submissions from trans, non binary, poc and disabled bisexuals or bisexuals from other minority groups because we want to magnify your voices as much as we can.

Send submissions or questions here: bitopiamagazine@gmail.com

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